Seattle Storm Launch New Branding

Russell Brown

It had been hinted at for weeks, the highly anticipated rebrand of the Seattle Storm. The WNBA’s 4-time and current defending champions announced awhile back that they had something in store before their new season. Today, the wait was over after the organization launched a brand new logo along with a slight change to their color scheme.

The Logo

This is where the biggest change can be seen. Outside of the Space Needle, this is a completely different design compared to the one the team started with back in 2000. The new logo is a combination of Mt. Rainier, a basketball and the Space Needle. The three elements are perfectly put together like a puzzle to create the new crest. Where as the original design featured a storm cloud and a lightning style font to emphasize the teams namesake, the new logo has one small bright green bolt coming from the bottom of the needle.

The new design is a minimal style and doesn’t have the early 2000’s charm that the OG had. The old logo was far from a bad one and was even ranked as one of Eli Sports favorites in the city, but the new design is the perfect transition to a more modern sleek look. It is a logo fitting for the 4-time WNBA Champions.

Color Scheme

This is the third time that the organization has changed their color scheme. Their original pallet copied that of the 90’s SuperSonics “wine and pine”, where red was added to the iconic green and gold. A change back in 2016 dropped the red and mirrored more closely to their fallen brother. The update did not alter their logo however, keeping the storm cloud look.

The newest update is not a drastic one. The addition of electric green has been made, a now fan favorite in the Emerald City. The entire logo is outlined in the new color along with the lone lighting bolt mentioned earlier being in the green. Another thing to note is the possible use of more black within the team. The launch of their new merchandise featured a lot of designs where the shirt was black and had a minimalist version of the logo in all electric green.

Final Verdict

Beauty and perfection come to this writer’s mind. The new design is perfectly done without losing too much of the team’s identity. A lot of rebrands go horribly wrong, but the Storm seem to have hired the right designers to knock this out of the park. This branding will one that is beloved in the city for many years to come. Seattle’s most successful sports franchise again shows why they reign supreme.

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