Brandon’s Bias: The Continued Ineptitude of the Seattle Mariners

Anyone who has grown up as a fan of the Northwest’s only professional baseball club knows, they aren’t very good. For years people have understood that the product on the field has been a disaster, but now many are getting a clear view of how bad it is behind the scenes as well. Monday it was announced that CEO Kevin Mather would be stepping down from his role after some bone headed comments were made at a Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club. In his defense, I’m sure a lot of stupid and bigoted comments have been made at this “club”.

Mather spewed, what has become almost normal, hateful remarks towards people of color and different ethnicities. He made remarks on how upset he was that he had to pay a Japanese player’s interpreter and that it was ridiculous that he didn’t learn English. You know, the same organization whose best player for a decade was indeed from Japan. He did not stop there though, also attacking a player from the D.R. for having poor language skills. Typical white man in power over people of color type comments.

I know what some of you are thinking, “this is cancel culture at work again, a white man can’t make a comment in today’s society without the damn libs and left cancelling them.” Well, my response to that utterly stupid and single-minded response is that this was not just a comment or statement. It was a view into the mentality that this man has. He would not have made these comments if he truly did not believe in them and feel that they were true. Even worse than that, he surely isn’t the only one in the Mariners organization or around the league that feels this way.

It is sort of ironic that a league that constantly refers to itself as ‘America’s Pastime’ cannot get with modern thinking.

Mather of course came out and apologized for his comments in such a bland and monotone way that you would have thought it was JT apologizing to Britney. Again, we must bring up the fact that he would have never apologized if what he said was not leaked. “I’m sorry for everyone hearing what I said and getting upset about how I personally feel.” The Mariners damage control did not go very well either. Having the nerve to say they don’t feel like they have lost the trust of their fan base.

The same Mariners who continued to employ Mather after being cited for workplace misconduct by two women in a 2018 Seattle Times report. This was eventually handled in an out of court settlement, but has not been forgotten by M’s fans. Predicting that this man and organization would have another slip up would have been common sense.

This rant does not completely come out of just frustration from a fan perspective, but more so from anger that people in power are continuing to show a lack of respect for those below them and of different backgrounds. The Mariners have been pathetic for years, but now you have to almost look at them in an even more negative light. The M’s have shown no respect for their fans, now they are showing none to the players on their roster. I’m not going to say that I am officially not a fan because that might be a little dramatic, plus you usually don’t wear the CEO’s jersey to the ballpark. However, this is yet another reason to not believe that this organization will ever figure it out.

Mather being gone is a step in the right direction, but it was a choice he was able to make. If the Mariners really cared they would have fired him immediately instead of letting him save the little face he had left. I truly hope that they turn the ship around in my lifetime, but it’s crap like this that doesn’t warrant me holding my breath. I will still show up to T-Mobile Park, or whatever the hell it’s called now, to root on the loveable losers because I still do like baseball. I still will splurge on a 3-piece fish and chips and soda for $50 and sit in my seat that they some how got me to pay money for. I will not however be silent in my distain for this dysfunctional franchise.

2 thoughts on “Brandon’s Bias: The Continued Ineptitude of the Seattle Mariners

  1. Well said. Been a M’s fan my whole life. Fond memories from my childhood but years of subpar performance makes it tough to believe in them. These demeaning comments coming from the top are heartbreaking. Like you I support the players and I’m sure will go to a couple games this year as it is a great way to spend the day with the family, however those comments and mindset will stay with me.

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