Uni Vision: Sounders Release ‘Jimi Hendrix’ Kit

Russell Brown

It was torture watching what seemed like every other MLS club drop their new 2021 kits over the past couple of weeks. What was even worse was seeing all the bland designs that Adidas was once again rolling out and slapping their iconic three stripes on. The fear that once the Rave Green dropped their new threads, we would be left with a white t-shirt with a Sounders crest on the chest and a big ol’ Zulily script across the front started to become larger in this jersey snobs head. That was until a couple of days ago.

The Sounders finally gave the world a taste of their new look when they sent out a social media message two days ago that listed a date of 03-25-2021 and a caption that just read “Keep on straight ahead.” The picture background was of what appeared to be Jimi Hendrix in his famous leaned back pose with a kit on. The entire tent of the pic was a purple haze, and those two factors right there were enough to get anyone excited. Hendrix is one of the biggest figures to ever represent the region and using anything that has to do with him is an automatic W.

Leaked Kit
Leaked Kit

So, then the wait was on again. 48 hours until we got to see what Seattle came up with to represent one of their greatest sons. The issue with the wait was that there was a leaked version of the kit from a reliable source. Believe me, the leak was not pretty. The jersey looked like it was acid washed in purple and had this really bad combination of yellow and orange accents. People were running with it and figured that it would be the final product and were understandably pretty upset by the look. Luckily, it was not the final product. But, pretty close.

You may be asking yourself now, how the new kit can be a beautiful work of art sent down by the soccer gods and be “pretty close” to a design that people down right hated. Well hold on, we are getting there.

The announcement comes at 10:30 am via the Sounders twitter account. A video plays with Jimi’s Purple Haze playing in the background. It shows a beautiful purple kit flowing in the haze intertwined with clips of Hendrix performing his staple song. The pattern on the jersey is nothing like the one leaked, and although the yellow and orange are present in the final product, they look much better.

In all, the kit has a psychedelic combination of purple and black to make up the front pattern. The use of gold can be seen in the crest and adidas logo on the left and right chest. Orange adorns the three stripes on the shoulders and on the trim of the sleeve. The sleeve end also has a similar pattern to the rest of the jersey but with orange and yellow. Every single kit also has the rock and rollers signature on them, along with lyrics from purple haze around the inside of the collar.

Also new on the kit is the sponsorship with the Puyallup Tribe which will be seen on the right arm. It is far from just a kit sponsor though. The Sounders announced that with up to the first $50,000 it kit sales within the first 30 days of launch, the club will donate the money to five nonprofits: The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation, the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM)RAVE Foundation and the Tacoma Public Schools Indian Education Program.

In this writer’s own opinion, this might be the greatest kit that the club has ever produced. It symbolizes one of the best things about Seattle and does it correctly. The colors are bold and vibrant while still having a beautiful design. Not to mention the fact that the club will be wearing these for two seasons.

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